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The recommendation of physiotherapists for a baby's first shoes is clear. Baby's should start wearing hard, heavy boots as late as possible. Sooner, if necessary, booties should be worn that are soft and flexible and do not prevent the foot from working. What about tiny children who haven't started walking yet?


ekoTuptus booties ideal for babies and toddlers

When choosing slip-ons, quality should be the first priority. Make sure that the material from which the baby booties are made comes from reliable sources or has the appropriate certification. Shoes made in China are often made of materials that contain toxins harmful to delicate baby skin.

Tiny shoes should be carefully sewn. Because even though your child doesn't walk yet, it will feel uncomfortable if the slippers are poorly made. Also make sure the shoes are easy to put on. An infant has not developed foot muscles and very often has a high instep. The foot has not yet developed the same way as in a baby who crawls or takes his first steps. Therefore, slip-ones should be very flexible and soft, so that they fit the baby's foot. 


How to choose slip-ons for a child depending on the season?

Above all, slip-ons are an excellent alternative to socks, which a child kicks off their feet in no time. In summer, when it is very warm, we do not have to put anything on the child's feet - remember that a bare foot has the best conditions for proper development.

Each time you choose the right baby shoes, remember to:

  • they do not squeeze the child's foot
  • were carefully made
  • they are flexible
  • they are easy to put on 
  • they are not too small


Say "no" to heavy shoes

Tiny shoes delight us adults. But putting heavy, hard shoes on a child is not advisable. We realize that these days moms want their children to look fashionable from the moment they're born. But above all, let's not forget about the child's safety.


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