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What are children's shoes with a soft sole?

Based on the latest research by experts, we created the best footwear for children. Our goal was to accurately reproduce the conditions in which the bare foot grow correctly. The most important thing for the foot is to work properly, to shape the muscles, tendons and skeleton.


We know how to make shoes that do not hinder the proper growth of a child's feet.


What are ekoTuptusie?

  • very light,
  • soft and delicate,
  • made of 100% natural Italian leather,
  • they don’t constrain or tighten the feet, allowing free movement of the toes,
  • they are very easy to put on the feet

Thanks to the elastic, non-compressive elastic band, they are very easy to put on the foot ekoTuptusie shoes are hand sewn from the highest quality, original. Italian leather, which is free from any harmful, dangerous or irritating substances.


When choosing soft sole shoes for a child, keep in mind:

  • the skin of tiny feet is delicate, soft and sensitive,
  • children’s feet sweat much more than "adult" feet,
  • slippers must be made of safe materials that will not harm the child even if end up in the mouth and gets into the body

The leather from which ekoTuptusie are sewn is free from heavy metals, such as Chromium VI, toxic substances and is extremely soft, durable and completely safe for children.

The leather we use for the production of ekoTuptusie:

  • doesn’t contain harmful chromium VI
  • doesn’t contain azo dyes (in accordance with EU Directive 2002 / 61EC)
  • are free of heavy metals (in accordance with DIN EN ISO 105-E04)
  • we test our products taking into account international safety standards.
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