Eko tuptusie

Our greatest pride are ekoTuptusie. They are also our leading product. This lovely leather slippers are great for babies, toddlers, older children and…..adults!

- Hand- crafted in a local workshop in Poland.

- Made of certified materials and 100% genuine leather.

- Equipped with an innovative non-slip system ideal for very slippery surface.

- Soft and very comfortable, they let feet breathe and prevent sweating.

-Recommended by Association of American Doctors as a product which supports the natural functions of feet and allow little feet to grow healthy

- Perfect as kindergarten shoes and home slippers - bring relief to tired feet after a long day.

- Because of being elastic they fit the foot perfectly without squeezing it and are great option for pregnant women and people with swelling feet problem.

- Adorable designs bring joy to the little ones.

Quality and safety of the materials used is our priority.

Leather we use is imported from trusted tannery

- It is completely free of carcinogenic amines and pesticides listed in the Regulation of the German Federal Ministry of Health of 15.06.1994 r.

- It is free of formaldehyde according to EN ISO 82011 P 3 in the treatment process are not used any substances containing heavy metals such as cadmium Cd, Pb Lead, Zinc Zn, Hg, mercury, arsenic As, iron Fe.

-They are tottaly Chrome 6 free.

Accordingly, the leather can be classified as a product environment -friendly and safe for human.

Because of the high- quality leather ekoTUPTUSIE can be used not only indoors, but also outdoors, while playing in the garden or learning to walk on a dry lawn during the sunny day.

Our shoes are also a great alternative for children who suffer from diabetes or other diseases which preclude children from walking barefoot.


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