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Many parents ask us, "Why should a child wear slippers, if walking barefoot is the healthiest?". Walking with just socks can be dangerous due to the possibility of slipping. In the nursery there are toddlers who are just learning to walk, while in the kindergarten children run, jump, and an accident can easily happen. It also happens that the floor is wet, for example after they wash the hands themselves, and then the possibility of a fall is even greater, so it is worth ensuring that the child has slippers for kindergarten on his feet, which will minimize the risk of an accident. 

However, it should be remembered that it is important what kind of slippers will be worn by our baby. Children spend most of the day in the nursery, and the right kindergarten slippers support the proper development of little feet. The most important stage in the development of the foot is the period from birth to the age of 3, i.e. exactly when the child goes to the nursery, but the foot is shaping up to the age of 8, and at that time it is still very susceptible to deformation, so also in kindergarten, we should provide good slippers not only for the nursery, but also for the kindergarten. 


What do good slippers for kindergarten and for the nursery mean to us?

  • ones that adjust to the foot, will not restrict it, give freedom of movement, will not squeeze the toes and will allow for free bending along the metatarsophalangeal joints, i.e. soft, light and flexible
  • made of natural, airy materials, thanks to which the leg will not sweat
  • with non-slip sole, ensuring safety on slippery surfaces
  • in the right size, individually matched to the child (sometimes parents wanting to save money buy their child bigger shoes, which is simply dangerous because it disturbs the stabilization of the foot, which slides inside the shoe)
  • fitting the foot tightly, not slipping off every time a child trips or falls to all fours
  • easy to put on and take off, which makes life easier for both toddlers learning independence and aunties with a dozen or so toddlers;)
  • easy to clean, best when they are made of washable leather, which can just be wiped with a damp cloth when the soup spills on them and they dry quickly when they get wet in the bathroom
  • cute, interesting, fun, encouraging to wear, because often at the beginning children are reluctant to wear slippers, a colorful pattern with a favorite picture can be an effective incentive to break resistance and try something new
  • not ruining your wallet, because these little feet grow so quickly that you have to replace the shoes every few months.


There are many types of slippers for kindergarten on the market, and many manufacturers advertise their products as perfect for walking in a nursery or kindergarten. When choosing shoes, it is therefore worth checking whether the models of slippers for the kindergarten, which we're going to choose, meet all the criteria that are important to us. 

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