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For many people it is natural that a younger child inherits shoes from an older sibling. When the first owner doesn't have time to worn them out, the second one will. An offer from a friend or a great discount on a sales portal may also be extremely tempting. Shoes in "perfect condition, worn by only one child", we all know this. It pays off economically, but is it an equally good solution for a child?


Is "only one child" really "only one"? Or maybe "as much as one"?


The first step on the journey of a lifetime...

We are excitedly looking forward to the first steps of our baby. We are happy and we commemorate this event, because it is an important stage in the development of a toddler. It all starts around twelve months of age. From then on, the weight of their entire body rests on two tiny feet. According to information supported by scientific research, 90% of children are born with healthy feet. Unfortunately, in later years, every fourth child suffers from foot and knee defects, mainly due to wearing incorrect and poorly fitting shoes.


How important it is to pave your own path for healthy feet...


Children's feet, just like adult ones, differ from each other. Some are plump, others are slimmer, smaller, longer, shorter. When we buy new shoes - "not broken in", they are ready to adapt to the foot that will be wearing them. When we buy new shoes ourselves, we can notice that at the beginning they fit differently than after some time of wearing - we have to "break them in". Breaking in is when the shoe adjusts to the shape of the foot. Dents in the places of the greatest pressure create a permanent trace of their user. And as we know, each foot has a different, unique shape. The inside of the shoe also stretches where the foot is wider. Simply put: the shoe takes shape over time. A shoe adapted to the older brother will therefore not be a perfect fit for the younger brother's foot.

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