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Let's start with the construction of a tiny foot, which is extremely complicated. Did you know that it has 26 bones, 32 muscles and tendons, and over 100 ligaments! For the baby to start walking smoothly and correctly, all these elements must learn to work together. So, the first steps are a tremendous challenge for the little ones.


When does a baby start walking?


According to the information contained in the book by Paweł Zawitkowski "Mom, Dad, what do you say?" some babies take their first steps at 8 months and others at 18 months. Both cases are generally accepted standards, so don't panic if your baby doesn't start walking by the end of the first year. Remember that only 40-45% of kids start walking before their first 12 months.


Do not force your child to walk!


First of all, remember not to force your child to do anything and not to speed up their development by force. If your little one is not walking yet, then don't try hard to teach them - they're just not ready for it yet. It is important to observe the child's actions and when you notice something that bothers you, consult it with an appropriate specialist pediatrician, physiotherapist or neurologist.


The first shoes for a child


When choosing the first footwear for a child, it is obvious that shoes intended for outside will have different features than the ones for home. However, quoting Paweł Zawitkowski: "The best and healthiest footwear for a small child is their own FOOT". "One of the worst ideas is putting on infants that are not yet walking, shoes intended for learning how to walk or for another similar purpose – the correct shaping of the foot structure. Another drastic idea is also a temptation to buy for a child, both "for home" and for the outdoors, shoes with a stiff, high upper, a hard counter and a contoured hard sole with a tiny heel. Tragic!".


From this it can be concluded that the best shoe "for home" should not restrict the movements of the foot and be on a thin sole that is easy on the child's foot. They should be properly adjusted to the length and width of the child's foot. This is what ecoTuptusie are like. 

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