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Walking in hard shoes with narrow toes every day deprives the feet of air supply. So it's worth letting your children get used to walking barefoot, not only during the holidays - on the beach or in the garden, but also at home every day. The bare foot, and with it the muscles, work most efficiently that way, especially if the ground is uneven. 

Stepping without shoes helps a lot in shaping the arch of a plump and not yet shapely foot of a small child. When a toddler walks barefoot on sand, grass, moss or small pebbles, their fingers straighten and at the same time the receptors responsible for the proper functioning of all the most important organs, the ends of which are in the foot, are massaged.

Walking barefoot strengthens muscles and ligaments, it also has a relaxing effect on the feet, corrects flat feet and prevents back pain. Barefoot frenzy soothes the overload to which growing feet are exposed. Foot exercises are also important – experts in the field of pedology advise. Walking on the toes, heels or the outer edges of the feet can be great and healthy fun for a parent and a child.

Science shows that foot defects did not occur in primitive peoples who did not wear shoes. Studies in England and Hong Kong have shown that a variety of foot disorders and abnormalities were much more common in children wearing footwear than in barefoot ones.

But there are situations when barefoot walking is not very safe for a child. We do not know what is on the ground. A child walking on the sand can stand on a piece of glass or a sharp stick. When walking barefoot on the grass, they may encounter a bee or wasp, which will probably end in a sting. Our ekoTuptusie slippers with a soft sole will work great in such situations. Soft and delicate. When worn on a child's feet, they do not hinder the proper development of the foot. Walking in them is like walking barefoot.

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